Who manages the properties?

Properties bought through either Independent or Recurring purchases will be managed by the client unless they expresses request us to manage it on their behalf. Odinala Invest outsources Property Management to local professionals. Of course, we still carefully monitor and care for each of the properties owned by the Network investors

The property management companies that Odinala Invest uses are responsible for renting the property, collecting rental income, and maintaining or repairing the property.

Costs associated with property management and maintenance are taken out of the rental income paid to Odinala Network Investors.

We have chosen to outsource the Property Management for two reasons:

  • It frees up efforts to focus on Odinala Invest itself —- Property Management is a very time-intensive activity

  • We intend to offer properties throughout the Nigeria and various countries as we grow.

However, we continuously monitor all aspects of the properties, from rent and rental rates to physical conditions, renovations, code compliance, and even landscaping improvements when strategic.

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